How to run test transactions, configure settings, and start selling?

Remember that: our Subscriptions & Recurring Pay app now just work with Shopify Payments

Please follow these steps to test everything before launching:

Step 1: Setting up Shopify Payments for your store

Step 2: Duplicating an existing product to test your new payment

You can keep it UNPUBLISHED, so it's not visible to customers during testing process.

Step 3: Assign your testing product to Subscription Plan

Step 4: Create a few test transactions and review the generated orders on

  • Subscriptions Tab:

  • Subscription Detail Tab:

  • Order Detail Tab:

Step 5: Remember to turn the test mode on Shopify Payments on

(Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Shopify Payments)

Step 6: Login as a test customer on the front-end of your website to view your customer portal and take some actions to check everything working properly.

*Note: Depends on the different type of theme. The position of the "My Subscriptions" button may be different. If you want to change it to another position, please contact us for help.

  • On Subscription Management Page:

  • On Subscription Detail:

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at

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