Set minimum or maximum quantity/amount your customer can buy

Order Limit helps you to enforce the purchasing rule that you have set for your store (e.g. only purchases above $20,000 are allowed to check out)

Set up the rule for your store

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Order Limits
  • After enabling, go to Configuration
  • Press Create new rule to customize your rule

Step 2: General Information

  • Enter the Name of the rule
  • Enter the Priority (0 is the highest priority)
  • Choose to Enable or Disable the rule
If there are several rules applied to the same products or customers, and they have the same priorities, the latest created rule is applied.

Step 3: OL Settings

In Rule Type, you can choose among 4 options:
  • Minimum Order Amount
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Maximum Order Amount
  • Maximum Order Quantity
Below, you can input the amount in accordance with the setting in Rule Type.
For example, you set up Minimum Order Quantity, and the number you input is 10,000. It means that only orders above $10,000 are allowed to check out.

Step 4: Apply to Customers

Choose who this rule is applied to.
  • You can choose Specific customers by entering their emails
  • You can choose Customer tags to choose a group of eligible customers (e.g. "b2b" tag)
You can choose who are excluded from Apply to Customers, in Exclude Customers:

Step 5: Apply to Products

Choose which products to apply the rule to.
After setting up, hit the Save button.

How does it look like in your store?

After setting up, go to your store to see how the rule works.
For demonstration, I will set up the rule to only allow purchases with quantity of 10 or more to check out.
When I'm checking out with quantity of 8, this message will show up:
The feature doesn't work? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via Live Chat

Settings for Order Limit

If there are certain things you want to change about the configuration, head to Settings:
You should see this screen:
You can choose the level that the Order Limits rule can enforce:
  • Per Variant: in each product, every variant must reach the configured value set in Step 3, to be able to check out.
  • Per Product: each product must reach the configured value set in Step 3, to be able to check out.
  • All Products: the total order must reach the configured value set in Step 3, to be able to check out.
In Display notification message on product pages, you can choose if there are a message to let your customers know about the limit they have to reach to check out:
  • Yes: you can choose where the message is placed, it's either Below quantity selector or Below "Buy it now" button

Here is what is looks like:

  • No: if you choose this option, where will be no displayed message.
In Design, you can customize how the pop up message look in your store:
You can also translate all the texts into your language:
If you have any trouble using the feature, or any recommendations, please reach out to us at [email protected] or via Live Chat.
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