How can I restrict customers to access the page? After approving, how can I show the custom pricing?

You can combine our two apps B2B/Wholesale Solution and B2B Login Access Management to restrict access and set up a custom price for specific customers based on their tag(s).

Login to access page (B2B Login Access Management)

You can restrict customers' access by force login for pages and allow only customers with specific tag(s) to view the page.

  • Login to see price

  • Enter password to see price

  • Hide products from customers

So that only customers with tag(s) are able to access the page/see the price, while others cannot.

B2B Registration Form & Auto-add Tags (B2B/Wholesale Solution)

To access the page, customers have to create an account, which will be automatically added the tag(s) after being approved by admin. Therefore, you can create a customized registration form with auto-add tag(s) so that the accounts are able to access restricted pages and see custom prices.

Custom Pricing rule (B2B/Wholesale Solution)

After creating a login to access page rule and B2B Registration form, you can set up custom pricing rules for customers with a specific tag(s) so that those with this tag can see an exclusive price for them.

Under Apply to Customers, choose Customer tags and type in tags as you wish.

Click Save to activate the rule.

By using these features, you can grant access to new registrations with added tags to see the page/view the custom price.

Try our demo store to see how these features work together.

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