How can I grant access to our app for BSS Commerce?

1. What is the collaborator request?

When we send you a collaborator request meaning we require to access your store to help you with settings or fix the problem reported.

We promise to be careful with every setting and never make a mess on your website. When we fix all problems, you can remove the access from your end.

2. Where can you check the collaborator request?

Once we send the request from our end, you might login into the admin and check the notification as follows:

Or you can check in your admin email.

3. What permissions should you grant to us?

It depends on the app and your reported problem. We will tick the permissions from our end and you can review them all before you approve our request.

We might need access to your Orders, Customers, Products, Applications, Pages, and Themes.

4. What do you need to do to accept our request?

When you receive our request in your store admin or email, simply select Approve to accept us as a collaborator.

For security practices, Shopify allows you to enable the collaborator request code features. At that time, kindly send us the code generated to your website so that we can send the request to you.

This might take more time and effort, though.

5. What if you still cannot find the collaborator request?

For some reason, say, you have not accessed the admin email and you need your problem to solve ASAP, there is another way to share the access with us.

It is to create a staff account for our team.

Login to your admin and go to Settings > Accounts > Add staff account.

In the email fill in and tick these options: Orders/Products/Customers/Apps/Themes/Pages/Navigations/Settings

We promise to be careful while checking your problem. After that, you can remove our access to your page right away.

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