How to calculate the total price when customers are qualified for Custom Pricing and Quantity Break?

If customers are qualified for a Custom Pricing rule and their orders reach Quantity Break range to acquire a discount, the tiered pricing (volume discount) will be applied to the custom price, not to the original price of products.

For example, The original price of product A is $12, however, a customer sees this product in $10 because he is qualified for a custom pricing rule.

The tiered pricing of this product is:

  • 3-8 is 10% off the order amount.

  • 9-14 is 15% off the order amount.

  • 15-20 is 20% off the order amount.

If the customer buys 16 items, he will get 20% off the order amount, which will be calculated on $10 - the price he sees, not $12 - the original price. Therefore, the total order will be:

($10 x 16) - 20%($10 x 16) = $128

You can visit our demo store to see how our Custom Pricing and Quantity Break work together.

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