In order to integrate the EasyCSV app with the B2B/Wholesale Solution app, you will need to install both applications. To be more specific, after installing the B2B/Wholesale Solution app, you should subscribe to the Platinum plan, which includes the Public API feature. For the EasyCSV app, the feature for intergrating is available on Business Plans and higher tiers.

Step 1: Get the Public API access key

Go to B2B/Wholesale Solution application > "Public API" page > Copy the access key by clicking on copy button

Step 2: Enter the Access key to EasyCSV

2.1. Go to EasyCSV application > Choose Import Data Flow
2.2. Scroll down and Click "Change to B2B/Wholesale pricing"
2.3 Choose the option "B2B/Wholesale Solution - Shopify app by BSSCommerce" > Paste the access key that you copy from B2B/Wholesale Solution > Click "Save" button
After integrating, EasyCSV system will check whether the products' price are applied any rules in B2B/Wholesale Solution. If they are, EasyCSV will take that prices; otherwise, It will fall back to the Shopify pricing
Please check link below for the Tutorial video for users:
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