How to avoid duplicated discount if I create b2c discount rule with another app?

You are using another Shopify discount app along with our B2B/Wholesale Solution app? You're worrying that B2B can enjoy the wholesale price as well as the discount created by the other app?

No worries! Let me take an example so you can understand our app better.

1. You can distinguish your B2B and B2C customer group by tag. B2B customers are tagged with b2b and B2C customers are tags with b2c.

2. In B2C discount app, you apply a 10% discount rule to orders greater than $500. Meanwhile, in our app, you set up a Custom pricing rule or Quantity Break rule (30% discount) applied to B2B customers.


+ B2B customers will log in and see the custom price (b2b price/applied 30% discount) and they cannot apply 10% discount created by B2C discount app, even when the order amount is greater than $500.

+ B2C customers will purchase the original price and get a 10% discount off if their order amount is greater than $500.

You will have 14 free trial days so don't hesitate to try.

Should anything arise, please let me know?

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