Allow customers to add custom notes to the orders

Orders Custom Fields allows your customers to add a custom note to their order on the Cart page, to let you know their specific requirements with the orders.
Below is the tutorial on how to use the feature:

Set up the note:

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Orders Custom Fields
  • After enabling, go to Configuration

Step 2: Set up the note:

This screen should pop up:
Currently, there's no automatically installation on the store, so if you need assistance with the feature, send us a message via Live Chat or email at [email protected]
You can also follow the instruction in the app if you wish to configure this.

How does it look on the store:

If everything is set up, this is what you can expect in the Cart page
If you have any trouble with the feature, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via Live Chat.
Last modified 4mo ago