Settings for Quantity/Amount Break

You can use Settings and Design Table to customize further how Quantity/Amount Break works on your store, and design how it looks.

1. Settings

Quantity Table row-click action

This setting allows you to choose what quantity will be applied to your customer's cart when they click on the Quantity Break table on the storefront.

There are 2 options:

  • Select the maximum quantity

  • Select the minimum quantity

For example, if you choose Select the minimum quantity option:

  • When clicking on the table, the quantity automatically jumps to 10

Apply multiple rules to product pages/featured products

You can choose to display more than 1 table on product pages to promote your products to certain customers.

Show QB/AB Table on pages

You can choose where you want the Quantity/Amount Break to show in your store.

If you want to display the table in a different language, head to the Translation tab in Settings


2. Design Table:

Here, you can customize how the Quantity/Amount Break table looks in your storefront.

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