Add Wholesale Registration Form to your store

If you haven't created a new Registration Form, refer to this tutorial to create one.

In this tutorial, I will add the form to the Main menu.

Step 1: Locate the Main menu

  • From the Shopify admin page, click Online stores > Navigation

  • From the Navigation page, click Main menu

Step 2: Add the form to the menu

Once you are in Main menu, click on Add menu item

A right-side screen should pop up, like so:

For the name, you can write the name that suggests to your customers that this is a Wholesale Registration Form.

For the link, you can paste the link when you create a new Registration Form:

Click Add button on the bottom of the pop-up screen, and Save Menu to add the form to your store:

This process may differ from theme to theme, so if you have any trouble setting up your form, reach out to us at or via Live Chat

Step 3: (Optional) Direct customers from "Create Account" to your Wholesale Registration Form

If you don't want retail customers to create an account with Shopify's default registration form:

Head to Registration Form > Settings

This should pop up:

From there, you can choose which Registration Form to redirect your customers to:

Step 4: (Optional) Customize how your form looks

If you don't like how your current form looks, you can go back to our B2B/Wholesale Solution app, head to Registration Form > Settings:

In this section, you can change the color of the texts notifying your customers. You can also translate the default texts into your language as well.

If you want further customization on your form, reach out to or via Live Chat for a request.

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