Manage, approve and notify your customers

If you have a Registration Form on your store, you'll need a place to manage all of your registrations. Especially if your form requires you to manually approve every registration.

If you haven't had a new Registration Form on your store, refer to this tutorial.

1. Manage and approve your customers

From our B2B/Wholesale Solution app, head to Registration Form > Register Management.

Here, you can view all of your registered customers. You can filter for a specific criteria:

And if your form requires you to manually approve, this is the place to make approval.

There are 2 methods you can approve a registration:

In this page, you can review the registration, decide if the customer is tax exempt and approve the customer.

2. Notify of new registration and account approvals

In Registration Management, there's a tab to configure the emails notifying your customers of account approval.

There's configuration to notify you of new registration too.

In Email Configuration, there are 5 emails to configure:

  • Click on the Pen Icon to start customizing your email as well as enabling/disabling the email:

If you need help setting up your emails, reach out to us at or via Live Chat.

Also in Email Configuration, you can set up the Name and Email address of emails sent to your customers.

  • By default, the Name is no-reply and Email address is

3. Manually create customers

In the Registered Customers tab, you can Create new customers manually, or mass import/export customer list.

In Create New Customers, you are presented with a list of created Registration Forms and you can fill out information accordingly

In Import Customers, you are also presented with a list of created Registration Forms, and click on Download a sample CSV to download a CSV file with the corresponding fields.

Once the CSV file is filled out, you can import back the list to your store.

Depending on your setup, customers already existed on your Shopify Admin, or in the Registered Customers list from our app will not be imported.

If you want more field options, or have trouble creating your registration form, reach out to us at or via Live Chat

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