Add fee to your customer's orders

This feature allows you to add extra fee to your customer's orders, if conditions are met.

Below is the tutorial on how to use the Extra Fee feature.

Set up the Extra Fee rule

Step 1: Enable the feature and Go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Extra Fee

  • After enabling, press Go to Configuration

  • Press Create new rule to customize your rule

Step 2: General Information

  • Enter the Name of the rule

  • Enter the Priority (0 is the highest priority)

  • Choose to Enable or Disable the rule

If there are several rules applied to the same products or customers, and they have the same priorities, the latest created rule is applied.

Step 3: Apply to Customers

Choose who this rule is applied to.

  • You can choose Specific customers by entering their emails

  • You can choose Customer tags to choose a group of eligible customers (e.g. "b2b" tag)

Step 4: Apply to Products

Choose which products to apply the rule to.

Step 5: Rule Settings

You can set up the extra fee, depending on how much your customers buy in Quantity, or in the total price of the order (Price Amount).

Step 6: Extra Fee calculation

There are 2 options:

  • All Applied Items: the extra fee will be calculated based on the total quantity / amount of the products you've chosen in Step 4

  • Per Item: the extra fee will be calculated based on the each products you've chosen in Step 4

Step 7: Quantity Settings

In this section, you can set up the range which the extra fees can be applied to.

  • In From, To section, you can type in number, either for quantity or price amount, which you have set up in Step 5

  • Fee type: you can choose between fixed fees or percentages.

  • Fee: you can type in the value who want for the fee types that you've set earlier. You can also select whether a range is eligible for a free shipping.

After setting up the rule, press Save.

Step 8: Install the feature:

The feature is automatically installed to your store when you enable it (from Step 1), but if you want extra customization, head to Extra Fee > Installation:

If you have any trouble using the feature, feel free to reach out to us at or via Live Chat

How does it look from your store:

For demonstration, I will use the set up from Step 7, everything else is left as default.

On product page:

When checking out:

If you want further assistance, please reach out to us at or via Live Chat.

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