Create an order in Backend with discounts

When you create an order from the Shopify Admin on behalf of your customers, and you use the Quantity Break or Custom Pricing feature from our app, the prices may not display in accordance with your pricing rules.
Manual Order from Backend aims to solve that.

Create new orders

Step 1: Enable the feature

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Manual Orders
  • After enabling, go to Configuration

Step 2: Create new order

In this section, you can select:
  • Products in an order
  • Customer's detail
  • Add discounts
  • Add shipping rate
  • Add taxes
  • Order's tag(s)
  • Additional note for the order
  • Payment term
After filling out everything, you can see all the details of an order:
Since this product and this customer are eligible for a discounted price, the new price is displayed here:
If the product and the customer are eligible for a discounted price but the displayed price is not changing, you can click on the button above the listed products to re-display to correct ones.
When all details are correct, you can choose to:
  • Save the order with the Save button on top of the page. This will create a draft order on your Shopify Admin.
  • Send Invoice: This also creates a draft order in your Shopify Admin, and sends an email to your customer.
  • Mark as paid: This will create a final order in your Shopify Admin with Payment status as Paid.
If you check Payment due later in the Payment section, you can only Save the order. The order in your Shopify Admin will show the payment term:
You can set up Automatic payment reminders in your Shopify Admin

Import draft orders from your Shopify Admin

On the top right corner, there is a Import button:
Once clicked, a pop up screen should appear:
There are 2 options for you to choose:
  • Import to create: This will create a new draft order using existing draft order with the same product(s).
  • Import to edit: This will edit your existing order.
That's everything you need to know to create an order from our B2B/Wholesale Solution app.
Encounter a problem? Feel free to reach us at [email protected] or Live Chat.
Last modified 4mo ago