Show prices in different currencies

Multi Currency allows you to view products prices in multiple currencies just by switching between them.

Below is the tutorial on how to use the feature:

Set up the feature:

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Multi Currency

  • After enabling, go to Configuration

Step 2: Set up the feature

After Step 1, you should see this screen:

  1. Auto Currency Conversion Status: if this is toggled on, the app will automatically convert the currency based upon your customer's location.

  2. Currency Preferences

You can choose which currencies your customer can switch between in your store.

  1. Currency Bar Design

In this section, you can design how the currency switcher looks.

  1. Device Settings

You can choose where the currency switcher will be placed.

  1. Pricing Preferences

You can decide if and how the prices are round off.

  1. Cart Page Notification

You can choose whether your customers will be notified of the currencies changes when they checkout.

After setting up everything, hit Save to apply all changes.

How does it look in your store?

After setting up everything, you should see a currency switcher in the corner of your store

You can switch between currencies to see how your product prices look:

If you have any trouble with the feature, feel free to reach out to us at or via Live Chat.

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