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Set customized pricing per product per customer

For Custom Pricing (CP), you can quickly set customized pricing for a product list. But if you want to set detailed pricing for each product, you can choose either to create a Price List manually or import the list to your store.

Set up the rule for your store

Step 1: Enable the feature

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Custom Pricing
  • After enabling, head to Installation:
  • On Automatic Installation, hit Install button
Below Automatic Installation, you can manually install snippets of code to your liking. If the prices don't change to how you expect, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or Live Chat.

Step 2 : Start creating Price List rule

  • On your left-hand side navigation, inside Custom Pricing (CP) section, click Price List per Customer
  • Press Create new rule to customize your rule

Step 3: General Information

If there are several rules applied to the same products or customers, and they have the same priorities, the latest created rule is applied.

Step 4: Apply to Customers

Choose who can see the altered pricing on your products
  • You can choose Specific customers by entering their emails
  • You can choose Customer tags to choose a group of eligible customers (e.g. "b2b" tag)

Step 5: Advanced Settings (optional)

Exclude Customer:
  • You can choose certain customers to be excluded from your applied customer group from Step 3
You can also set a start/end date for the created rule

Step 6: Custom price list

  • You can search products by manually typing product name into the box named Filter products or using Browse products button.
You can also search products by tag or collection that had been created before.
  • After selecting products from the list, the Product Detailed Price Table is shown on the page for you to edit pricing options with the corresponding amount.
  • Make sure that you filled out all the product's amount before saving the rule.

How does it look from the storefront?

If the feature doesn't work with your theme or you want more customization, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or Live Chat.
Last modified 1mo ago