Make your product buy-able in only increments

If you want your products only buy-able in quantities of 5, 10, 15 (for example), then Quantity Increment will be able to help you with that.

Set up the rule for your store

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Quantity Increments
  • After enabling, go to Configuration
  • Press Create new rule to customize your rule

Step 2: General Information

  • Enter the Name of the rule
  • Enter the Priority (0 is the highest priority)
  • Choose to Enable or Disable the rule
If there are several rules applied to the same products or customers, and they have the same priorities, the latest created rule is applied.

Step 3: Apply to Customers

Choose who can see the altered pricing on your products
  • You can choose Specific customers by entering their emails
  • You can choose Customer tags to choose a group of eligible customers (e.g. "b2b" tag)
You can also choose who are excluded from Apply to Customers, in Exclude Customers:

Step 4: Apply to Products

Choose which products to apply the rule to.

Step 5: Quantity Increment

In the 1st field (Quantity Increments), you'd enter the number to set a quantity increment.
For example, if you set this number to 5, every product is buy-able only in 5, 10, 15, etc.
In Quantity Increment Calculation, there are 3 options:
  • Variant Quantity: each product variant's quantity must reach the set increment to be buy-able
  • Product Quantity: each product's quantity must reach the set increment to be buy-able
  • Order Quantity: the order's quantity must reach the set increment to be buy-able

Step 6: Quantity Limit (optional)

You can set up the maximum and/or minimum quantity each order has to reach.
The number(s) you put here is related to the option you choose in Quantity Increment Calculation
For example:
  • Quantity Limit is set to Minimum of 10
  • If you choose Quantity Increment Calculation to be Variant Quantity, each variant's minimum quantity is 10
  • If you choose Quantity Increment Calculation to be Product Quantity, each product's minimum quantity is 10
The same applies to Order Quantity.
After setting up everything, hit the Save button.

What does it look like in your store?

For demonstration, here's my setup:
  • Quantity Increment to be 5
  • Quantity Increment Calculation to be Product Quantity.
  • Quantity Limit to be 15

On the product page:

  • Every time I click on the - or + button on the quantity selector, the quantity automatically jumps by 5.
  • If I try to input 22, for example, a warning message will be displayed under the Quantity box:
Head to Quantity Increment > Settings
In here, you can translate all the texts into your language:
If you have any trouble using the feature, or request any feature, reach out to us at [email protected] or via Live Chat.
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