Tax exempt for eligible customers and orders

Tax Exempt places a box in the Cart page, allowing your customers to input their tax ID, and get exempt from taxes.
Below is tutorial on how to set it up.

Set up Tax Exempt:

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Tax Exempt
  • After enabling, go to Configuration

Step 2: Set up Tax Exempt

In Shopify Taxes Setting Synchronization, you can synchronize your tax settings with your Shopify Admin console.
In General Settings, you can
  • Choose to Show VAT Validation box on cart page
  • Choose to Add discount to exclude tax from prices
    • If you set a customer to be tax exempt, but you use tax-included pricing without auto include/exclude based on countries, then your orders will have a discounted amount equal to the tax value
  • Choose VAT Exempt Check, currently, we are supporting tax ID checking for 5 countries/regions
  • Choose what tags would be applied to your tax exempt orders
At the moment, we only support tax ID validation box on Cart page, so if Show VAT Validation box on cart page is unchecked, this feature will not work.
In VAT Exempt on Cart Page, you can choose how your tax settings behave on Cart page
In Apply to Customers, you can choose the customer groups the rule applies to
In Select EU VAT for specific countries, you can enable this and select countries this rule applies to
Press Save to save your configuration

How does it look on the store?

On the cart page:
If customers type in validated tax numbers, tax will be deducted from their order.

Bulk Tax Exempt

This feature allows you to quickly set up tax exempt rules for a large number of customers.

Translation & Design

You can change default texts as you wish to match your store.
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