Display prices with and without taxes

Tax Display helps you display product prices with and without taxes.

Below is the tutorial on how to use the feature.

Set up Tax Display

Step 1: Enable the feature and go to Configuration

  • Go to Dashboard and enable Tax Display

  • After enabling, go to Configuration

  • Press Create new rule to customize your rule

Step 2: General Information

  • Enter the Name of the rule

  • Enter the Priority (0 is the highest priority)

  • Choose to Enable or Disable the rule

If there are several rules applied to the same products or customers, and they have the same priorities, the latest created rule is applied.

Step 3: Apply to Customers

Choose who can see the altered pricing on your products

  • You can choose Specific customers by entering their emails

  • You can choose Customer tags to choose a group of eligible customers (e.g. "b2b" tag)

Step 4: Apply to Products

Choose which products to apply the rule to.

Step 5: Tax Display Design

In this section, you can select:

  • Show price types: prices with VAT only, prices without VAT only, or both.

  • Set the font size ratio between VAT and no VAT price. The former ratio is for no VAT price and the latter one is for VAT price.

  • You can also choose the font color of each type of prices.

Click Save to save the configuration.

Step 6: Installation

After setting up the rule, go to Installation to install the changes to your store:

Currently, there are automatic installation for this feature. If you need assistance setting up this feature, feel free to reach out to us at support-sbc@bsscommerce.com or via Live Chat

How does it look on the store?

Once everything is set up, here's what you can expect it to look like:

If you have any trouble with the feature, feel free to reach out to us at support-sbc@bsscommerce.com or via Live Chat.

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